SiDLY partners with Microsoft ? one of the biggest cloud service providers in the world

As a provider of telemedicine services, SiDLY offers ongoing monitoring of the health of its users. Such monitoring requires the firm to deal with massive amounts of data which include health data. Health data is considered sensitive data and as such it requires special protection. SiDLY has partnered with Microsoft, one of the biggest cloud service providers in the world.


We are pleased to announce that SiDLY has partnered with Microsoft as part of the Microsoft for Startups programme. The programme was designed to provide support to, among others, businesses that offer solutions that help to fight COVID-19. One of the key areas of the programme is healthcare and SiDLY?s telecare services fall into this category.


Through the partnership, Microsoft will provide us with support in the development of technology for smart city projects and SiDLY will integrate with Microsoft Azure guaranteeing its users the highest data security. Edyta Kocyk, CEO of SiDLY, says: ?We?re very happy that we were able to enlist the cooperation of a global player such as Microsoft. It fills us with joy to see our solutions recognised in the international arena. Now we can continue to work on them with the help of the leaders on the new technologies market. The integration with Azure will further improve the accessibility of SiDLY telecare to our international partners. Azure is widely used by the largest firms and government agencies, e.g. the NHS in the UK?.


Azure is a cloud computing service designed for secure storage and processing of data. The system developed by Microsoft has proven itself successful in many firms and institutions as well as government agencies, including those concerned with health. One such example is the UK?s National Health Service (NHS), the counterpart of Poland?s National Health Fund (NFZ). For several years now the health data of UK residents have been kept safe on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With this partnership, SiDLY will be able to build a scalable business model and pursue projects on a global scale. The future of medicine lies in the cloud.

The programme offers more than just access to the latest technology. By joining Microsoft for Startups, SiDLY places itself among the leaders in the health-tech and smart city industries. The global infrastructure of Microsoft will make it possible to integrate the SiDLY platform with the most innovative projects anywhere in the world. The programme gives us access to a network of new business contacts and the opportunity to work on projects in which Microsoft is involved. More than anything else, this partnership is a chance for us to grow and acquire the know-how needed to turn a start-up into a market leader.

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