“I never planned to create the telecare market in the future. The life experience that I had to come across a few years ago made me find the strength to create one of the most innovative telecare products in Europe that will help not only the person closest to me, but also other people struggling with health problems. It is for you that we implement projects that are to help in everyday functioning. “

Edyta Kocyk, Founder and President of the Board

Business profile

SiDLY is an innovative Polish technology company. The company was founded in 2014 from the life needs of Edyta Kocyk – the Founder and the President of the company. The company’s main product is a telecare system based on a proprietary medical device in the form of a wristband, a telemedicine platform and an application. The company is a certified producer of medical devices according to the PN: EN ISO 13458: 2016 standard. Since its establishment, the founding team has strongly focused the company on the continuous development of technology responding to customer needs. The company has received over 30 awards worldwide for its achievements in the area of ​​development of the new technologies market. The company’s team consists of young, committed people who share common goals – to achieve the mission of the company.

The company’s mission is
“To enable every person to have constant medical care regardless of place, time and activities performed.”
Our strategy is to create solutions providing timely information to medical and care personnel, and to develop algorithms for prediction and anticipation of events.

In our contacts, not only with our customers, but also with suppliers, partners and employees, we operate based on values ​​that are important to us in our daily work. Our work is based mainly on reliability and responsibility for the tasks entrusted. All tasks are carried out in accordance with the values ​​recorded in the Code of Business Ethics.

The company has a branch in the USA.


Our Team is the most important in maintaining the quality of devices and developing innovative technological solutions. It consists of experienced constructors, electronics, economists and academics. It is thanks to their specialist knowledge, enthusiasm and openness that the SiDLY system is constantly being developed and effectively implemented.

Our approach to telemedicine is comprehensive – it includes searching for areas of care that can be improved by telemedicine solutions, followed by the design, construction and testing of medical devices as well as offering these technological solutions in the form of convenient and understandable systems for users.

Its founders sit on the company’s management board.
Edyta Kocyk
Chairman of the Board, edyta.kocyk@sidly.org

She is a specialist in the field of project management and standards for developing business requirements. Enthusiast of the “customer experience” approach.

Completed a PhD degree at the Collegium of Economic Analysis at the Warsaw School of Economics, author of several articles in the field of IT management support, corporate architecture, practices in team management and organization management. In 2018, she was awarded the prestigious European Leadership Awards – CEO of the Year.

A graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology, the University of Warsaw and the European Academy of Diplomacy and a scholarship holder of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Rector of the Military University of Technology, the Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, K. Pułaski Foundation and the Chief Personal Data Inspector.

Michał Pizon
Vice President of the Board, michal.pizon@sidly.org

He is a specialist in the design of information, measurement and telematics systems and a designer of diagnostic algorithms. He developed specialist knowledge in the field of military and forensic electronics. He relies on military reliability standards for civilian applications.

A graduate of the faculties of Electronics and Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology. Among others, he gained professional experience at the Faculty of Electronics of the Military University of Technology, in the Forensic Laboratory of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, the Institute of Radioelectronics of the Military University of Technology and the Institute of Electronic Systems of the Military University of Technology. Holding a PhD degree from the Faculty of Electronics of the Military University of Technology. Author of publications in the field of electronic diagnostics. Scholarship holder of the Rector of the Military University of Technology and a laureate of many scientific competitions.