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SiDLY at the Economic Forum in Krynica

On Wednesday, September 7th 2016, during the XXVI Economic Forum in Krynica, under the “Innovation Forum” was held a discussion panel “Digital medicine and smart specializations.” Five panelists, who were representing area of businesses and government, discussed the modern telemedicine solutions and the future of smart technologies in a field of ??health care.

Among the panelists were Edyta Kocyk (CEO of SiDLY), Mariusz Chochołek (President of Integrated Solutions), Marek Girek (CEO of Data Techno Park), Konstanty Radziwiłł (Minister of Health) and Marcin Węgrzyniak (Director of the Center for Health Information Systems). Partner of the panel was Data Techno Park Sp. z o.o.

Social changes and demographic trends reinforce the development of intelligent solutions in medicine, such as e-health, bioinformatics and telemedicine. Members of panel agreed that in particular telemedicine is a long-range direction in which business and the area of ??medical innovation should aim. CEO of SiDLY – Polish start-up, which created first certified telemedical wristband, Edyta Kocyk paid special attention to the issues of community education in the field of telemedicine and pointed to the large savings which are generated by the use of telemedicine systems in health care. Involved in discussion Minister of Health Konstanty Radziwiłł pointed to the possibility of supporting the development of telemedicine, which will appear in the near future from the government.

The panel was an opportunity to draw attention of wide range of economists, businessmen and the media gathered around the Economic Forum in Krynica to the area of ??telemedicine and advanced medical technologies.

We would like to thank all attendents of the panel and people who expressed their support for our work during the Economic Forum.

More informations on innovative products and services are available at www.sidly-care.eu

20160907 162947

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