Watch the TV interview with Edyta Kocyk for Wielkopolska Telewizja Kablowa (Wielkopolska Cable Television)!

You will hear about how care and concern was the mother of the invention ? so in other words about the process of invention of the SiDLY Care by Edyta Kocyk and her grandma, usage of the band at German and Swiss hospitals wards.

Thanks to the participation of Edyta?s grandma during the whole process of creation of the device, it is very easy for user, seniors, to operate it. They just only need  to put it on their wrist. In case of the life threatening emergency or even temporary unwellness, they just press the SOS button to inform the guardian. The carer remotely, through application in its mobile phone or on the computer screen, observes the medical condition of its beloved one ? key parameters: heart rate and temperature, finds out about the faints and falls. Miss Kocyk mentions also about the useful function of telerehabilitation ? band constantly monitors grandma?s activity and reminds her about the necessity to take medication, which people at that age tends to take in significant amounts.

From the interview you can also find out that beside the fact that SiDLY care was created and produced in Poland, the biggest popularity happens to have abroad. Band is available since few months and already has users in 8 countries. Next to individual clients, SiDLY Care is carrying out orders from hospitals in Switzerland, Germany and as well as from few in Warsaw. Oncology wards appreciate the constant temperature measurements of the patients after transplants. Geriatrics wards appreciate the location of the patients via band.  This function is extremely important for families of Alzheimer disease or dementia patients, as they can easily track their loved ones thanks to that function.

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Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
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