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SiDLY is constantly expanding the group of its associates to provide care for everyone who needs
it. joins the places where you can easily buy the SiDLY telemedicine band with the telecare
package. is a sales platform from the x-kom group offering, among other things, electronic
equipment at attractive prices. is another sales platform offering the SiDLY wristband

The time of the pandemic significantly changed the activities of many companies. SiDLY also adjusts
its activities to the needs of the market. Security and access to medical professionals has become
something that more and more individuals are looking for. Last week, we informed about strategic
cooperation with one of the largest sellers of electronic equipment – RTV Euro AGD. Already,
from the x-kom group is joining the group of our partners, where you can buy the SiDLY wristband
with a telecare package. Through the platform, you can easily and quickly order a wristband and
enjoy security thanks to telecare! ?Our goal is to provide every person with constant medical care,
regardless of place, time and activities. We want to reach as many people as possible, because the
safety of our loved ones is important to us, so we decided to start cooperation with " – recalls
Edyta Kocyk, president of SiDLY.

We provide constant care of the medical call center

SiDLY is an innovative Polish technology company whose main product is a telecare system. It is
based on a medical device in the form of a wristband, an internet platform and a family care system
in the form of a mobile application. Telecare is a service provided 24 hours a day, enabling
connection with a paramedic from any place and at any time using the SOS button. In the event of a
dangerous situation, such as a fall or high pressure, the wristband notifies the call center staff about
the incident.

Multiple functionalities in one band

The SiDLY band is a solution that will work not only for the elderly and the lonely. It will also be
successfully used by pregnant women and active people who want to monitor their physical activity.
More and more patients staying in quarantine or home isolation due to COVID-19 choose the SiDLY
armband to monitor key parameters such as saturation, temperature and heart rate on an ongoing
The most important functions of the band are:
SOS button, regular measurement of heart rate, saturation and temperature, fall detection, the
possibility of making a voice call with a lifeguard at the call center via the wristband, GPS locator.

SiDLY telemedicine wristband available at

Buy the SiDLY wristband on the platform now and take care of the safety of your loved ones!


Contact with us:
Danuta Pawlak
+48 887 772 033

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Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
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