SiDLY telemedical wristband saved another life!

Once again, we can see the effectiveness of SiDLY technology.

More and more people and institutions use forms of remote care. Institutions introduce a telemedicine system as support in the work of caregivers. One of such entities is the “Mecenat” Care Home in Płock.

81-year-old Irena also uses remote care – she is one of the charges of the Nursing Home in Płock. She has hypertension, lives alone and uses the SiDLY Care wristband and the SilverCRS system. Carer for the elderly visits Mrs. Irena twice a week, but every day he has access to a platform that monitors parameters.

Thanks to SiDLY telemedical wristband, when the system registered the “SOS” event in the user, an immediate reaction was possible. Immediately after receiving a text message informing about the SiDLY wirstband emergency situation, the caregiver made attempts to contact Mrs. Irena by phone – which, however, proved to be ineffective.

Only contact with the son of Mrs. Irena allowed for proper action and getting to the place to help, as it later turned out, to an unconscious woman.

The SiDLY telemedicine wristband system saved a life! A quick response and efficient transmission of information enabled to call an ambulance in good time, which undoubtedly saved Mrs. Irena’s life. In the hospital, the doctor stated the suspicion of stroke, currently the patient is conscious, you can talk to her, she has a small paresis of the right hand.

The SiDLY telemedical wristband enabled an immediate response to a dangerous event. Thanks to the innovative SilverCRS system and measurements and alerts every day we can control the course of the patients’ illness and also act in the event of an emergency situation.

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