SiDLY telecare on the local government market in 2022

More than 600 cities and municipalities in Poland have implemented SiDLY telecare in 2022. Thanks to modern technology, the system supports local governments in creating the right conditions for aging residents to feel safe and to remain active and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

SiDLY is one of the fastest growing companies in the deep tech sector. With its own Telopieka Center, paramedics watch over the safety of teleband users around the clock. The innovative wristband product has become the most popular wristband for seniors in Poland in 2022.

In the era of an aging society, telecare is a tool in the process of of deinstitutionalizing social care. As part of the Senior Support Corps program, as many as 25,000 wards of social welfare centers gained access to modern telecare in 2022. Many of them identified their neighbors as ready to provide assistance in the event of a life-threatening emergency. The neighborly support network included as many as 20,000 neighbors.

In 2022, there were more than 2,300 accidents handled by the SiDLY Emergency Center. The condition of as many as 856 people required a call to an emergency medical team. In the remaining cases, rescuers notified neighbors or close family members of the senior citizen.

Fall, stroke, heart attack – these were the most common causes of SOS calls received by the SiDLY Emergency Center in 2022. Importantly, as many as 18% of these are calls related to a senior’s loneliness.

The SiDLY teleband is the most popular teleband for seniors in Poland in 2022. How does telecare help the daily life of elderly residents in Polish local governments? Check out our full report for 2022: here.

Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych
Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
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