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Although most of us are already back to our normal ways of life, seniors are still advised to avoid unnecessary contact to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Telecare services have taken on an added importance and so did the possibility of getting tested at home. Today more than ever patients appreciate the safety that comes with state-of-the-art services. SiDLY has partnered with to give patients access to these safe solutions.

For the safety of your loved ones

Quarantine means that many seniors delay routine check-ups, because they?re concerned about safety in crowded facilities. A lot of seniors live alone and aren?t in touch with their family so they worry that there?ll be no one to help them in an emergency. This leads to further social exclusion and can be a source of additional stress.

Although most of us are already back to our normal ways of life, seniors are still advised to avoid unnecessary contact. Many families are on the lookout for a solution that would make their life in the new reality a bit easier. SiDLY and have come up with a joint initiative for those who want to ensure the best care for their elderly relatives.
You can order our wristband and health check package for your parents or other relatives.

SiDLY and join forces

SiDLY and are both Poland-based firms that have spent years working to improve the comfort and safety of their users. Now, in difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have decided to join forces and offer special services to patients. With our special code users who order a home health check and telecare services by 9th August can get a special 10% discount.
Read on to learn more about the offered solutions.

Wristband that can save life

SiDLY is a remote care (telecare) system comprised of a telemedicine wristband with a connection to a telemedicine centre whose team monitor the user?s health 24 hours a day.
The patient wears the wristband which monitors his or her health on an ongoing basis. In a life- or health-threatening situation (e.g. fall) the wristband automatically sends a signal to the telemedicine centre where dispatchers decide what sort of help is necessary (e.g. calling an ambulance). The wristband features an SOS key, GPS tracker, fall detector and allows for two-way voice communication with the dispatcher at the telemedicine centre. It measures parameters such as pulse and body temperature.
Patients and their carers can view all the parameters through a dedicated app. The accuracy of measurements is guaranteed by the wristband?s medical certificate. The product has over 5,000 users who generate more than 1,200,000 measurements every month.

Use the code ?upacjenta? by the end of August to get a 10% discount on the SiDLY telecare wristband. To order a wristband please contact:

Home blood testing for seniors

Another challenge faced by seniors during the pandemic is getting their routine laboratory tests done. Many seniors have concerns about getting infected and choose to stay home and delay care. This can be dangerous, because it prevents immediate response to deterioration in patient health.

The solution offered by uPacjenta, the partner of the initiative, makes it possible to check seniors? health without the need to be physically present in outpatient clinics or laboratories that are usually filled with people. Users can order services on their website (or by telephone) and have a sample taken at home. The comfort of patients is just as important as safety ? blood drawing in the comfort of own home is no longer a stressful experience.

uPacjenta offers over a thousand tests that are sufficient for a thorough examination of a senior?s health. In addition to a complete blood count, ESR, CRP, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium or TSH, patients can get checked for liver function or cholesterol levels. Seniors can choose the Maximum package which includes all of the above tests plus measuring the levels of glucose, uric acid, urea, creatinine, iron and amylase, which may indicate that the patient has a pancreatic disorder, as well as APTT and PTT which characterise the coagulation of the blood.

With the pandemic raging, uPacjenta has expanded the range of tests available by a COVID-19 antibody test. The results provide a valuable insight determining whether the patient is currently infected or had a past infection with no or minor symptoms.

How to order home blood testing?

The service is available in 20 cities in Poland, including Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Poznań and the Tricity. To order the service call our information line (22 120 18 80) or book an appointment online at The order can be placed either by the patient who will be tested or by his/her relative.

Ordering online is easy ? you just need to give the address where the sample should be taken, indicate the tests that you?re interested in and choose the appointment date and specialist. The final step is the payment. To help you choose tests that are right for you, the website offers information about particular tests and packages. When the results are in, you can consult a doctor online via the uPacjenta platform and get specialist medical advice.

Use the code ?SIDLY? by 9th August to get a 10% discount.

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Telecare Development Manager

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