SiDLY has secured an agreement with the insurance giant PZU for the supply of telemedicine technology

SiDLY has finalized the contract for the supply of technology for the joint prevention project of the PZU Group “Life wristband”. The project involves the implementation of a telemedicine system in hospitals that monitors patients’ vital signs and alerts medical staff when they deviate from a safe standard. In the near future the system will be implemented in selected hospital wards throughout the country. This will be an important step towards modernizing hospitals and is implemented based on Polish technological solutions.


After three months of piloting, the effectiveness of the SiDLY technology used together with the PZU team of experts has been confirmed and the program will be extended to other selected hospital departments. An agreement with the technology provider, SiDLY, was signed for both the supply of telemedicine equipment and platform, as well as the provision of services related to the operation of the system. PZU appreciated the company for the high quality of the technical solution and the very professional organization of cooperation in the implementation process. “The current stage of development of the SiDLY system includes equipping Polish hospitals with our technology. This agreement with PZU will constitute another step in the development of our company as a leader in the telemedicine market. Our vision is universal access to telemedicine care, ensuring the safety of all sick and elderly people, as well as protection and support for medical personnel. ” – said Edyta Kocyk, the president of SiDLY.



The implementation of the system in hospital wards will support medical staff and affect the safety of both patients and medical staff. The telemedicine system will be an important support in the operation of isolation and wards, in which remote monitoring of the patient provides protection for both the patient and the doctor. This function of the system especially proves its high utility in the current epidemiological situation.


SiDLY is a dynamically developing company operating in the telemedicine industry. Established in 2014 by Edyta Kocyk and Michał Pizon, it quickly built a high market position. It currently operates in 16 countries, making over 12 million measurements per month and caring for the health of over 5,000 users. SiDLY technology is already used in Poland by 150 medical and care units, including local governments and hospitals.


All information is provided by:

Edyta Kocyk

The President of the Company


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