SiDLY creates telecare development worldwide

As the population ages, demand for telecare services is growing. More and more European local governments are looking for solutions to remotely monitor the health of seniors. SiDLY telebands are being used by Italian residents, among others.

In the next 30 years, the share of seniors in the population will be more than 22%. The aging of the population is an issue that requires the implementation of modern, smart technologies. They will make it possible not only to take good care of elderly patients, of whom there will be an increasing number, but also to improve the comfort of their lives and relieve the burden on the health service.

The SiDLY teleband is the first medical device in the form of a wristband in Europe, which is being gradually deployed in modern hospitals in Europe, among others.
The product is being used by seniors in the Italian town of Miglierina. It is inhabited by less than 800 people, more than half of whom are seniors. The Polish product was featured on the France 24 television program. You can see it here:

The development of indigenous technology in foreign markets is one of the best proofs of its innovation. SiDLY’s customers are local governments in countries in Europe, including Poland. Telebands are used by residents of: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Great Britain, Spain and Portugal.

– Cooperation with more foreign partners is proof of the effectiveness of our product and motivation for further work. We want to be a significant player in the market of new telecare technologies throughout Europe. We focus on continuous development to best meet the needs of seniors – explains Edyta Kocyk, CEO and founder of SiDLY.

Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych
Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
Dowiedz się jak system SiDLY Care PRO wspiera pracę szpitali w zakresie opieki na pacjentem w warunkach domowych.