Our telemedical band SiDLY Care was presented as an example of innovation in the edition of WIADOMOŚCI TVP1.

Technology is developing constantly, we are using it more and more, even in medicine. Our telemedical device SiDLY Care is an example, which drawn an attention aroused the interest of editorial TVP1. We are pleased with appreciation of our product and the fact that new technologies in medicine are becoming more popular. We should remember that they could improve patient health monitoring and allow to use of appropriate therapy!

We invite you to watch some part of WIADOMOŚCI with Edyta Kocyk, co-founder of SiDLY. The material connected with ‘healthy applications’ you can find here:

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Sidly Ltd. implements a project co-financed from European Funds “Foreign promotion of the Sidly Care multisensory device for remote medical care”
The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness and visibility of Sidly Ltd. and its innovative product SiDLY Care – a multisensory device for remote medical care in the forms of promotion related to market events specified in the Program for the promotion of the medical equipment industry.
Project value:1 162 350,00 PLN
Co-financing from the European Union: 756 000,00 PLN
Project implementation period: 14.03.2017 – 31.12.2019r

Project goals – to develop a telemedicine prototype system for continuous heart rate monitoring
Project research results will be implemented in the Company’s operations, and the cardiac dysfunction detection system, developed as part of the project, will be introduced to the Company’s offer next to the current product.
project value: – 3 364 840,00 PLN
contribution of European Funds : – – 2 493 088,00 PLN

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