SiDLY as the first telecare company available in RTV Euro AGD – one of the largest individual sales channels in Poland

SiDLY, a Polish producer of telecare systems and bands, opens up to the retail sales channel.
From now on, you can easily purchase the SiDLY wristband with an annual telecare package in one of the largest chains in Poland offering electronic equipment – in the RTV Euro AGD

One of the largest retail chains on the Polish Internet

RTV Euro AGD has been operating on the electronic equipment retail market for 30 years. The chain of stores has been offering RTV and household appliances products in stationary stores and via the Internet for many years. The giant’s e-commerce platform is one of the largest online stores in the country. The RTV Euro AGD offer includes, among others, electronics, RTV equipment, smartwatches, activity monitoring bands and various accessories. RTV Euro AGD is a multiple winner of the Service Quality Star.

Annual telecare package with the SiDLY wristband within a few clicks

SiDLY is the first Polish telemedicine company to offer a product and an annual telecare package on such a wide scale, thanks to cooperation with the RTV Euro AGD store network. The wristband can be purchased at any time in the online store and the courier will deliver the package to your door. The product is in the category ‘monitoring bands’. Cooperation with RTV Euro AGD allows us to reach a huge number of people who are now just a few clicks away from the security offered by SiDLY.

SiDLY – saves health and supports independence

SiDLY is a telecare system based on a wristband, an internet platform and a mobile application. The SiDLY wristband monitors the user’s vital signs and, in the event of an emergency, sends a signal to the telemedicine center. The call center rescuers communicate with the user via the voice assistant function and provide assistance, regardless of place and time. The headband is equipped with a number of functions, including fall detector, heart rate measurement, SOS button with two-way voice communication. Among the main recipients of the wristband are the elderly and those who actively care for their health. Especially from the point of view of the ongoing pandemic, the health and safety of loved ones has become of paramount importance, and SiDLY guarantees them.

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Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
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