SiDLY and Gabos ? key player on the healthcare software market ? join forces

Easy access to SiDLY for hospitals that use Gabos

The SiDLY telecare system is now more accessible than ever for hospitals in Poland. All thanks to a strategic cooperation deal struck with a leading provider of health information systems (HIS) ? Gabos. The company belongs to the WASKO Group, one of the major suppliers of technology services, including those for the healthcare sector.

For now on healthcare facilities that use software developed by Gabos can quickly and easily integrate their systems with the SIDLY telemedicine system. This strategic cooperation deal will considerably increase the availability of advanced telecare services to numerous hospitals around the country.

20 years of experience in IT for the healthcare industry

Gabos Software ranks among the leading providers of IT healthcare solutions in Poland. As a daughter company of WASKO, it has vast experience in implementations in the healthcare sector and enjoys great trust of hospitals and people responsible for their management. Gabos specialises in health information systems (HIS).

Telecare made easier than ever

The partnership between SiDLY and Gabos resulted in a joint proposal for hospitals. From now on each healthcare institution that uses the HIS of Gabos or WASKO will be able to easily integrate the SiDLY system and telemedicine wristbands into their services. The integration of advanced telecare services into the existing systems has never been easier.

Innovative solutions in Polish hospitals

The SiDLY telecare system makes for better healthcare workforce management and better patient care. Patients are equipped with telemedicine wristbands and the health staff monitor their vital signs using a convenient app. Current and historical health data is kept safe on the platform where it can be accessed by doctors. The wristband checks important parameters, such as pulse or saturation, every 90 seconds. It can also serve as an extension of the nurse call system as the wearer can connect and talk to the operator from any place in the hospital.

All vital signs data in one place

The wristband ensures the safety of the user by sending an alert in the case of deterioration in his or her health. With the integration of the systems, health workers will be able to access all records and telecare services through a single system. All results are automatically recorded in the app giving nurses and doctors additional time savings. The integration of the two systems allows for extension of important patient health data. With the frequent measurements, doctors have constant access to the latest information and can make an accurate diagnosis.

?The integration of the systems and our partnership with Gabos are an important step towards ensuring widespread access to the SiDLY telemedicine solutions for hundreds of healthcare facilities that already use the HIS developed by our partner ? Gabos. Together we?re capable of providing an end-to-end solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities; one that can be used to monitor inpatients as well as patients already discharged from the hospital?, says Edyta Kocyk, CEO of SiDLY.

Unrivalled experience in the development of telemedicine wristbands at the service of hospitals

In Poland SiDLY created a whole new market for telemedicine wristbands and it has by far the most experience in their development and implementation. As a manufacturer of certified medical equipment, it has a very good grasp of the needs of end users, including hospitals and healthcare facilities. The integration with Gabos marks its entry to the hospital sector. It?s the first such integration introduced to facilitate the implementation of advanced telecare services with a telemedicine wristband in hospitals.

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