Poland’s largest city chooses SiDLY telecare

Yet another big city in Poland placed its trust in SiDLY and implemented telecare.Opaski telemedyczne z teleopieką dla miast WarszawaThe main intention behind the project is to equip Warsaw’s senior citizens with the SiDLY telemedicine wristbands.

40 beneficiaries of the Z@OPIEKOWANI scheme will join over 10,000 other users of the system and feel safer than ever.


SiDLY for Warsaw residents

“Our company originated in Warsaw. We’ve been active here since 2014 and that’s why it was so important for us to look after the local community, the people who we pass on the streets every day. We’re very happy that we have the chance to work with the municipal government of Warsaw. We believe that this cooperation will be beneficial for both the City and its residents”, says Edyta Kocyk, CEO and Founder of SiDLY.


Over 400 rescuees since the beginning of 2020

Any resident who is equipped with the SiDLY wristband is looked after 24 hours a day. The device can detect danger and alert the carer and emergency call centre. The call centre team respond immediately, e.g. by calling an ambulance. More importantly, the wristband isn’t just a fancy gadget; it is a medical device that can be relied on by health professionals. Since the beginning of 2020 telecare services have helped save more than 400 lives.


Multiple functions in one wristband

SiDLY ensures constant monitoring of the user’s vital signs. It features a fall detector and SOS key. In addition, it has a GPS tracker that provides the exact location of the wearer. All data is stored on a dedicated platform. The SiDLY wristbands record over one million measurements in a month.


For residents and the general public

The municipal government collected 40 wristbands that they will distribute to city residents. SiDLY is also available for purchase to the general public. For more information go to https://opaskasidly.pl/



Contact us to learn more:

Magdalena Świątkowska

Chief Operating Officer at SiDLY Sp. z o.o.
+48 665 566 068

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Sidly Ltd. implements a project co-financed from European Funds “Foreign promotion of the Sidly Care multisensory device for remote medical care”
The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness and visibility of Sidly Ltd. and its innovative product SiDLY Care – a multisensory device for remote medical care in the forms of promotion related to market events specified in the Program for the promotion of the medical equipment industry.
Project value:1 162 350,00 PLN
Co-financing from the European Union: 756 000,00 PLN
Project implementation period: 14.03.2017 – 31.12.2019r

Project goals – to develop a telemedicine prototype system for continuous heart rate monitoring
Project research results will be implemented in the Company’s operations, and the cardiac dysfunction detection system, developed as part of the project, will be introduced to the Company’s offer next to the current product.
project value: – 3 364 840,00 PLN
contribution of European Funds : – – 2 493 088,00 PLN

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