SiDLY telemedicine wristbands

The SiDLY telecare system combines advanced technical solutions with simplicity of use. Our approach to design is focused on the user, his needs and convenience. Engineering and IT, although we are their fascinates, are only means for us to this goal. These basic design assumptions are reflected in the design and functionality of the SiDLY telecare system.

The basis of the SiDLY telecare system are telemedicine wristbands. In the wristbands, we have included an extensive and thoughtful system of useful functions with a focus on simplicity of use. For the user, the telemedicine wristband is the only device necessary to use the SiDLY telecare system. The SIM card inserted in the wristband enables communication and sending of alarm signals

Telemedicine system

We are gradually implementing the telemedicine system into medical and care institutions. We enable the provision of a comprehensive remote monitoring system for charges and patients. In addition, we implement numerous dedicated projects – including enabling risk management in the work environment – monitoring of vital life parameters and activity of employees of increased risk professions.

The telemedicine system is also successfully used by individual clients. In conjunction with the internet platform and mobile application Android, it offers a wide range of support options for loved ones requiring 24-hour care.

The SiDLY platform

It is constructed based on data from telemedicine wristbands and proprietary neural networks processing them. For the convenience of the users, it is divided into three modules matched in terms of functionality and information presented.

The caretaker of the telemedicine wristband user can access the measurement data on his account in the telecare system, as well as check whether the wristband is worn correctly. The carer has the ability to check the history of alarm events and actions taken, as well as has the access to a list of medication taken. They get information about all alarm signals received from the SiDLY wristband and the user exceeding the declared vital signs, on an ongoing basis.

The mobile application
Like the SiDLY platform, it offers a number of functionalities targeted at caregivers. It monitors the battery status of the telemedicine wristband. The measurement results from the monitoring wristband are regularly sent to the Android application and the telecare platform.
Telecare service with a lifeguard

An important element of the SiDLY telecare system is the telemonitoring center working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Rescuers continuously supervise, register and accept emergency reports sent from telemedicine wristbands. In the event of leaving the safety zone or threatening life or health, the rescuer takes an immediate response and notifies the emergency services, then the carers and closest relatives. At the same time, he makes a voice connection with the wristband’s user to verify his health. In addition, the virtual assistant function reminds you to charge the wristband.

Free information and education training in telecare

We run free information and education trainings in telecare for local government units, residents and medical units.

The great advantage of organized meetings is the exchange of insights and opinions between participants and representatives of SiDLY on the possibilities of support offered under the senior policy.

Knowledge and awareness of perception of telecare by seniors, obtained by representatives of local government units, will allow to easily verify the interest of residents in the implementation of the remote senior care project.

for both residents of municipalities, as well as representatives of given units – resulting from the possibility of providing remote care using the SiDLY telemedicine wristband.

Integrated SiDLY Care + telecare system

The safety of elderly and sick people does not only depend on their physical condition. Many potential threats come from their interaction with the environment. They may have a tendency to carelessly use home appliances or forget about taps with running water. Equipment and installations may fail. Therefore, we have expanded the SiDLY telecare system in such a way that it also protects our loved ones in this respect.

As part of the SiDLY Care + Integrated Telecare System, we offer the aforementioned basic functionalities, adding the integration with sensors that care about security in the place of residence. When a danger is detected, the sensor system sends an alarm signal to the rescuer in the telemonitoring center, who immediately responds to the given threat. To eliminate the risk of explosion, we offer a gas sensor integrated with the system. We also offer fire protection based on a smoke detector. A carbon monoxide sensor can protect you from poisoning. A comprehensive care system complements the water flood sensor.

Research and Development

SiDLY is constantly developing technology, carefully listening to its customers. The company invests in R&D works being convinced that this is the only way to improve the quality and value of services offered to clients.

Implemented R&D projects:

“Development of an intelligent telemedicine system with event prediction functions.”
“Developing a prototype of a telemedicine system for continuous heart rate monitoring.”
“Development of the SiDLY Safe telemedicine project.”

Project description – Sidly Safe
Sidly implements R&D project Sidly Safe. The value of the project is PLN 2.0 million, and European Funds contribution is 75% of this amount.
Project Sidly Safe was implemented from the funds from the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014 – 2020, Measure 1.3: R&D works financed with capital funds, Sub-measure 1.3.1: Support for research and development projects in the preseed phase by proof of concept funds – BRIdge Alfa.

Sidly Ltd. implements a project co-financed from European Funds “Foreign promotion of the Sidly Care multisensory device for remote medical care”
The aim of the project is to increase the competitiveness and visibility of Sidly Ltd. and its innovative product SiDLY Care – a multisensory device for remote medical care in the forms of promotion related to market events specified in the Program for the promotion of the medical equipment industry.
Project value:1 162 350,00 PLN
Co-financing from the European Union: 756 000,00 PLN
Project implementation period: 14.03.2017 – 31.12.2019r

Project goals – to develop a telemedicine prototype system for continuous heart rate monitoring
Project research results will be implemented in the Company’s operations, and the cardiac dysfunction detection system, developed as part of the project, will be introduced to the Company’s offer next to the current product.
project value: – 3 364 840,00 PLN
contribution of European Funds : – – 2 493 088,00 PLN

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