Learn about SiDLY Care – # 1 Measuring the pulse

Have you ever been through a heart attack? Does anyone in your family suffers from hypertension? Or maybe someone close to you suffers from heart disease?

The good condition of the heart is the great challenge of our time ? we are heart sick more often but on the other hand, we have increased access to knowledge and solutions for preventing the diseases.

It is valuable to learn about another methods, such as regular monitoring of pulse that help early diagnose abnormalities associated with the cardiovascular system.

Regular pulse measurement – why so important?

Heart rate or pulse is rhythmic narrowing the arteries, which is dependent on the heart. The correct pulse rate thus reflects the correct functioning of the heart. Too fast or too slow pulse may be a symptom of heart disease. Pulse measurement, in addition to blood pressure and body temperature is one of the basic tests to assess the condition and state of health of our body. We may not pay close attention to your pulse on day to day basis, however, measuring heart rate is particularly advisable to persons who:

– had myocardial infarction

-suffer from heart problems, eg. bradycardia or tachycardia

– care about their health every day, regardless of age

– are physically active

– are expecting a child (pregnant women)

We can specify many more cases in which the regular measurement of the heart rate can provide valuable information on the state of health. In all these cases, it may be necessary to wear devices that are constantly monitoring the pulse. For all of these problems corresponds the heart rate monitor available in the device SiDLY Care.

Pulse measurement device SiDLY Care

By using innovative sensors and algorithms, HeartSecure function available in the band SiDLY Care allows regular examination of heart rhythm. Pulse measurement by SiDLY Care consists of measuring the level of oxygen in the hemoglobin in the capillaries.

The procedure of measuring the pulse in the device SiDLY Care is simple. The first stage, which is necessary for the operation of each function, a user must synchronize the device with a mobile application and web platform. This process has been thoroughly described in the manual ? it takes up to several minutes.

After synchronization the user can enjoy regular measurements of heart rate. They may be performed at various time intervals – the user can set the time interval between successive measurements from 30 minutes to 10 hours. Each measurement is indicated by the illumination of the blue LED on the band. The results are available on the Internet platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




Measurements can be monitored in a more convenient way ? in the mobile application available for Android and iOS.


pulse mob



Moreover, in the case of exceeding the declared threshold heart rate for a given user, the band will release the alarm informing about it. The default standard heart rate is 45 to 120 beats per minute. To adjust the settings, open Internet platform and click on the icon of the user (first from left) and then using a spade customize personal standards of pulse.


po ang


If the range is exceeded, a “Heart Rate” notification will be sent to the mobile application and the information will be recorded on the online platform. This ensures that every irregularity is quickly noticed!


po ang 2


Other functionalities of SiDLY Care

Remember that the band SiDLY Care is not only the pulse measurement. It also includes many other features dedicated to the care of health of you and your loved ones. The device contains one and only available on the market combination of functions, providing comprehensive monitoring, that is:

– measurement of skin temperature (SkinWatcher)

– a reminder for taking medication (PillManage)

– pedometer (StepChecker)

– barometer (AirMonitor)

– fall detector (SmartDetector)

– location (LocationTracker)

– SOS button (CareButton)

You do not need a number of medical devices, because now all are in one band. Visiti SiDLY Care site to learn more about the device, which was designed to provide care for you and your family, regardless of time and distance.

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