Internet of Things Internet Forum

SiDLY was a Partner of the ?Expansion forum of Internet of Things? in Torun. On November 30 this year, at the Bulwar Hotel in Toruń, the “Forum of Expansion” was held devoted to the “Internet of Things”, invitations to which were received by a group of entrepreneurs. At exactly noon, the “Internet of Things Internet Forum” began, where the first lecture was given by the President of SiDLY, Edyta Kocyk.

The president of SiDLY – Edyta Kocyk – had the opportunity to open the pre-session sessions. During the speech entitled “IoT in health care”, Edyta Kocyk presented the way in which the use of modern technologies contributes to improving the health care of private individuals and care and medical units. She showed the practical use of IoT in health care.

Thirty experts took part in the forum, they shared practical knowledge about the rapidly developing technologies in the Internet of Things.

In addition, as SiDLY we were the partner of the event. Participation in the forum gave the opportunity to gain practical knowledge about rapidly developing IoT technologies. What is important – during the forum you could see live “product exhibitions” and solutions from the IoT industry. The “Internet of Things Internet Forum” ended with the Final Gala, which was connected with awards for the most innovative companies in the region.

It is worth remembering that IoT is already happening and we are its participants in real time. SiDLY, as a provider of wearable telecare technology, constantly ensures that IoT can fulfill the mission of health care and care, as well as act in accordance with the requirements of consumers.

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