During the pandemic we need bold decisions. Wągrowiec partners with SiDLY to provide telecare for its residents

The pandemic is a tough test for the healthcare system, business, and ? local authorities. Those not afraid to make bold decisions and pursue growth in times of crisis will be the winners. The Mayor of Wągrowiec, Jarosław Berent, did exactly that when he decided to make telecare services available to town residents.

On 16th June in Wągrowiec Mr. Berent and Edyta Kocyk, CEO of SiDLY, signed an agreement, based on which 50 town residents will soon be able to benefit from a pilot telecare scheme. The senior citizens will receive telemedicine wristbands and their health will be monitored on a 24-hour basis by the team of a telemedicine center.

How does this work?

?Our telemedicine wristbands feature SOS key which you can use to call help if you feel unwell?, explained Mateusz Fedorowicz, SiDLY Telecare Development Manager, during a meeting with the senior citizens and authorities of Wągrowiec. ?The device monitors wearer?s vital signs and in case of a fall, loss of consciousness or other life-threatening events it automatically calls for help. Help will be able to arrive at exactly the patient?s location thanks to the GPS tracker that comes with the wristband?.

50 more local governments working to ensure the best possible care during the pandemic Wągrowiec isn?t alone in its efforts. From the start of the epidemic alone, 50 other local governments in Poland have taken a similar decision. For 36 the SiDLY telecare system has already been put into operation. The difficulties in accessing healthcare services and the risk for serious illness from COVID-19 among seniors and their carers prompted local authorities in different parts of the country to take special measures. While many local governments delay their decisions, others provide their residents with state-of-the-art care and prevention solutions.

The answer to seniors? problems and ? a way of saving money

The SiDLY system addresses the needs of residents and offers benefits of a different sort. It allows authorities to avoid going over the budget. With telecare, it?s possible to prevent or immediately react to falls or other events that could threaten the life and ability of seniors. One-year coverage by telecare services costs about 10 times less than having a patient hospitalized after a serious life-threatening event. In addition, it makes for better workforce management, especially in the case of staff shortages in hospitals and nursing facilities.

Contact us

If you?re a member of a local government or institution and you?re interested in getting telecare for your residents, do not hesitate to contact us. We?ll be happy to answer all your questions, including queries about external funding.

Mateusz Fedorowicz

Telecare Development Manager

+48 603 441 507

Agnieszka Staśkiewicz

Telecare Development Manager
+48 887 770 682

Click HERE to view a video about the Wągrowiec project.


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