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A summary of 2018 in SiDLY

2018 was a breakthrough year for SiDLY and the telecare market. The multitude of implementations in Poland and on the European market shows the huge market potential and growth opportunities of the company.

In 2018, the company broke many records related to both the development of its own project and the telecare market. The company started the year 2018 with the version 1.0 platform and the monthly number of surveys in the amount of 15,000. In the second quarter of 2018, the company implemented a new SiDLY system – a platform that enables remote provision of telecare services by both medical rescuers and caregivers. The scale of monthly research in December 2018 reached a scattering of 234,000 measurements. 2018 is the time of many tests of markets and directions of sales. Only in 2018, distribution agreements were signed with partners in: Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Peru, and Great Britain. The agreements gave the company a 30% share of foreign sales in total sales.

In Poland, the company has gained clients from both the private and institutional sectors, including implementing a telecare system to 8 local governments, and the value of sales revenues of the company has passed a 7-digit number.

Despite the increase in the scale of sales, the team does not cease in the development of the project. Last year, we wrote 850,000 lines of code, shortened the response time for alarm notifications from 6 to even 3 seconds and implemented the telemonitoring service performed by medical rescuers.

We thank all our customers, technology users and partners who are working with us to develop the telecare market!

The year 2019 will be a period of strong expansion and development of services.

SiDLY team.

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Zobacz jak system SiDLY wspiera opiekę nad osobami starszymi w jednostkach samorządowych i opiekuńczych.
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