Edyta Kocyk MSC

SiDLY co-founder


PhD student at Warsaw School of Economics’  Economic Analyses College. Graduate of: University of Warsaw’s Military Technical Academy Cybernetics Faculty, European Academy of Diplomancy.  Recipient of a grant from the Minister of Education and Further Education, Rector of the Military Technical Academy, Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, K. Pulaski Foundation, Main Inspector of Personal Data. She has received approx. 30 Polish and international awards for her achievements to date. Author of a dozen or so articles on IT based management support, Corporate Architecture. A practician when it comes to running a team and managing organisations. Her knowledge spans Agile and  Prince2 project methodology, systemic and business requirements development standards for the developed IT solutions.


Michał Pizon MSC ENG

SiDLY co-founder

PhD student at the Military Technical Academy’s Electronics Faculty. Graduate of the Electronics as well as Cybernetics Faculties at the Military Technical Academy. His professional experience can be traced back to, amongst others, the Electronics' Faculty at the Military Technical Academy, The Criminal Lab at Warsaw’s Police Station, Radio-engineering Institute at the Military Technical Academy and Electronic Systems Institute at the Military Technical Academy. Specialist in the design of information and measuring as well as telematics systems, developer of diagnostics algorithms.  Author of electronic diagnostics publications. Recipient of a grant from the Military Technical Academy Rector and laureate of numerous scientific contests.


The team

The design team is made up of experienced designers, electronic engineers, economists as well as Military Technical Academy’s scientific staff.