On 4-6 December in Supraśl held III International Forum on Innovative Technologies for Medicine - ITMED 2014, during which Michał Pizon co-founder of SiDLY had the honor to hold a lecture about Telemedicine 2020 and SiDLY solutions.

The conference brought together honorable professors in medicine and high technology. Among the speakers and the audience were representatives of the European countries, both decision-makers from government organizations, as well as long-term practitioners of medicine and related fields. Participation in the event enabled the exchange of knowledge and the confrontation of different solutions in the area of high technology in medicine, where SiDLY significant contribution.
At the same time thanks to the Polish SiDLY innovative medical cluster (PIKMED) for the invitation to participate in the conference.

In the photo, from left to right: Tomasz Lesniak, Vice-president of PIKMED, Prof. Michał Marczak the Medical University of Lódź, Michał Pizon of SiDLY, Dr. Robert Milewski of the Medical University of Bialystok, Edyta Kocyk of SiDLY, Prof. Stanisław Bielecki Rector of the Technical University of LódźJaroslaw Płoszek, Director. PIKMED Management and Development