We are pleased to announce that SiDLY has started cooperation with Care Life Systems, a leader in the field of personal care and teleoptics support in Northern Poland. Customers and partners from Northern Poland can get support from Care Life Systems, the official distributor of SiDLY Care.

 July 21 SiDLY has signed an agreement with Care Life Systems (CLS), where CLS has become the exclusive distributor of SiDLY Care in Northern Poland.
Care Life Systems is working with local governments and hospitals to provide solutions to support personal care and teleoptics, optimize costs, and maximize the quality of care.
The CLS solution based on SiDLY Care is a monthly subscription that is very popular not only among business partners but also individual customers.
We cordially invite business partners, hospitals, care units and individuals to visit www.carelifesystems.com and contact the project manager.
Project Supervisor:
Adam Morawski
Phone +48 606 252 930
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.