We are extremely happy to announce that the work of the co-founder of SiDLY, Edyta Kocyk, has been recognised and awarded by the Business Center Club.

During the Young Leadership Gala which took place in the Lubomirski Palace, Edyta Kocyk, the co-founder of SiDLY, received the title of the Woman-Entrepreneur. This is an award given to a woman who shows above-average business skills, great commitment to market development, and whose attitude is an inspiration to other women. The Young Leadership Annual Gala is the most prestigious ceremony organised by the Business Centre Club Student Forum Foundation. Leaders and persons acting effectively for business development in Poland were invited to the event – young, creative persons, people with passion. We are happy that Edyta Kocyk, as a representative of the telemedical industry, was able to take part in the gala and her input into the development of the telemedicine market was voted a model to be copied by others. The entire SiDLY Team would like to congratulate her heartily!