During this year's edition of 'Congress of Women' there was also a telemedicine thread! The Co-founder of SiDLY - Edyta Kocyk - spoke about challenges in an innovative company, export issues and importance of combination of economy, business ans science.  

 7th edition of Congress of Women took place in Warsaw's Torwar on September 11th 2015. Edyta Kocyk was invited to discussion 'More women - better economy'. She had an apportunity to talk about women in economy, culture difficulties that she faces working in Poland and abroad and also about effient combination of different fields to achive succes. In the discussion led by economist Lidia Adamska there were also invited: Małgorzata Krzysztoszek (Lewiatan), Alena Rzepka (Chałas i Wspólnicy Law Firm), Beata Stelmach (GE President), dr Elwira Gross-Gołacka (Economy Ministry's General Director) oraz Bożena Świerbutowicz (Australia's Embassy). Discussion members agreed that strong women co-creat the future of economy and that competition they creat on the market shouldn't be based pn pricing, but innovation and functionality of a product. Invited ladies' opinions - working in different business environments - created an interesting exchange of view and gave an inspiration for further actions.